IFE Final Optics




A laser driver is being considered for the implosion of inertial fusion energy targets.  For this to work a set of final optics must turn the laser at the target.  A test is underway at Los Alamos to determine if transmissive and reflective optics will survive the neutron exposure that will follow target implosion.  Pre-irradiation examination, neutron irradiation and post-irradiation examination will quantify such effects.  A 14 MeV neutron source at LANSCE will be used for this task.

Wayne Cooke in MST-8 and Terry Taddeucci in LANSCE-3 are the key persons associated with this task.

For more information on this work, please contact Scott Willms.


Neutron Micrograph of IFE Optics Samples Under Neutron Irradiation at LANSCE

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