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LANL is working on a new experimental program in Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF).  Our embodiment of MTF involves compressing a few-centimeter scale magnetized (~ 50-100 kilogauss) target plasma with a fast-moving metal wall. We believe it has the potential to create a burning fusion plasma in the laboratory for a very low capital cost.  In FY00-03 experiments are aimed at demonstrating production of a suitable target plasma. In FY04-05 we will conduct translation tests, and in follow-on experiments, not yet funded, the plasma target will be imploded on the Shiva-Star pulsed power facility at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Albuquerque, NM, using deuterium fuel for the plasma. We are aiming at achieving a 10:1 cylindrical compression of the plasma, using liner compression technology at a few megajoules of energy to provide the power to adiabatically heat the plasma to fusion-relevant conditions. 

The new plasma injector experiment for MTF at LANL, named FRX-L (field reversed experiment - liner) is operational (9/2001), and makes static (non-translated) high energy FRC plasmas.

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2nd Intl. MTF Workshop was held at UNR (Univ. of Nevada, Reno) on Aug. 7-9, 2001. Photo Gallery
Construction photos at LANL of the new FRX-L device (4/17/01)
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July 1999  Community-Based R&D Roadmap LA-UR-99-3627. (7/9/99)
MTF Proof-of-Principle proposal LA-UR-98-2413. (5/19/98)
MTF PoP proposal appendices.
LA-UR-99-4517, A Bibliography of MTF or MTF-related papers. (last updated 8/16/99)
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Schematic of Field Reversed Configuration plasma injector and liner compression region. 


Contact: Dr. Glen Wurden, LANL Fusion Program Office, 505-667-5633


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